A counseling method for all people without regard to religious orientation or background.

I am an ordained minister in my 22nd year of service with over 20 years experience in God centered counseling. My purpose for getting into ministry was to help people have happier, healthier, and more successful lives. In 1996 I discovered an incredibly simple method of counseling that worked amazingly well for most all types of problems that people were bringing to me.

In the fall of 1998 I discovered that it can work through Email, and perhaps even better than in person. This has given me a new vision that has reawakened my original desire to become a minister. I now realize that I can help people the way I always hoped to do through this counseling service. Although most of my clients are in the United States, I have worked successfuly with people in Germany, Australia, and South America.

Will you will let me help you?

If you will, I can offer you something better than any "money-back" guarantee. I am so confident in my counseling method, that I will not accept any fee or contribution from you until you have confirmed to me that I have actually helped you. And even then, I will not set a specific fee.

You and God will determine what you want to send as a counseling fee. And further, you must ask me for a mailing address through Email, since you will not find any address on this Web Site. If you never ask for my address, then I will assume that either I have not helped you, or you have been guided not to send an offering.

You may wish to remain anonymous when you contact me. It is not necessary to tell me your full name nor the city in which you live. In this way, no one, including me, will know who you are. Many people find that this allows them to be totally honest about their personal circumstances.

To get started, Email me at onlyonepower@aol.com.


Aldon K. Samaha

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